Experienced Leadership. Highly-skilled Team Members. Alignment of Purpose. 

Andrew McGregor, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Andrew McGregor serves as Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer for GeoVisual Analytics. Andrew is also on the boards of Kravis Leadership Institute, Rockies Venture Club, and the steering committee for the Blackstone Entrepreneur Network. His early career progressed successively in over 15 assignments across different functional areas culminating in work for multi-billion-dollar companies such as Herman Miller Inc., Knoll International, and Warburg Pincus Ventures. There he served in positions such as President, COO, CMDO, leading over 5,200 employees globally. He is best known for turning around troubles business and building new high-performance ventures.

Andrew has lived in over 10 cities internationally, and has a broad foundation in operations, business strategy, change management, and organizational alignment, with credentials in new product and services development, supply change management, lean manufacturing, and marketing. 

Jeffrey Orrey, Founder and Chief Science Officer

As a business executive and technical leader with a track record of executing on innovative technology projects, Jeff is driving GeoVisual’s rollout of crop forecasting technology for the fresh produce industry. Before founding GeoVisual, Jeff was a Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, directing the Bing Maps Server team to develop a private-cloud version of Bing Maps that today is the mapping platform for New York City’s counter-terrorism, predictive analytics system. As the technical director at another startup, Jeff led the development of data analysis and imaging technologies that were sold to a Chevron-backed company that is now a leader in real-time hydraulic fracture monitoring worldwide. Jeff holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has served as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Charles McGregor, General Manager

Charles McGregor currently serves as the Business Unit Manager at GeoVisual Analytics, organizing the business functions to develop and deliver actionable information to each key customer.

Prior to GeoVisual, Charles was one of the General Partners at McGregor & Associates, where he frequently was the portfolio manager and lead investor in seed and growth stage venture companies. Key industry focuses today include biotechnology, biomedical, AgTech, and cybersecurity. Before McGregor & Associates, Charles worked at Berkeley Research Group, a premier strategy and expert witness IP firm.  Charles has a degree in Biophysics from Claremont McKenna College.

Matt Kotalik, Senior Software Engineer

Matt brings to GeoVisual a diverse set of software engineering skills involving Big Data analytics, system architectures and problem solving from a wide range of domains. He has 15 years of industry experience, working previously at startups Clickfox and Parkifi, as well as at Lockheed Martin and the Bureau of Land Management. Matt holds a Masters of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Colorado School Mines. In his spare time Matt enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and trying out new recipes.

Andrew Catellier, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Scientist

Andrew works on computer vision and machine learning challenges while building and maintaining GeoVisual’s computational infrastructure. He joined GeoVisual after working as an Electronics Engineer at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences. Andrew brings ten years of experience analyzing and measuring the delivered perceptual quality of audio, video and multimedia streams, whether assessed by humans or objectively by machines. This experience resulted in more than 22 publications, an elevation to the level of Senior Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and a U.S. Department of Commerce Silver Medal Award. Andrew earned a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

Clayton McGuire, Software Developer

As a full stack web developer, Clayton works to ensure that GeoVisual’s web applications are able to accommodate its customers’ diverse needs. He previously worked for the Indiana Geological and Water Survey, where he drove the organization’s web site and applications to better leverage and communicate its vast wealth of information. Clayton has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Indiana University, from where he is currently working towards a Master of Science in Data Science.

Joseph Miller, Technical Operations Manager

As the Technical Operations Manager, Joe works to ensure data quality and consistency across GeoVisual’s diverse set of applications. 
Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University and is currently working towards his Master of Science degree in Hydraulic Engineering. Prior to GeoVisual, Joe was employed by the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, performing in-depth research and analysis utilizing UAVs as a remote sensing platform. In his free time, Joe enjoys running, hiking, and playing with his dog.

Justin Bangerter, Software Developer

Justin develops applications to assist GVA’s internal operations as well as its customers. He brings a decade of experience building applications and quality control systems within several industries, including education and the military. He graduated in Physics at Virginia Tech, loves animals, and engages in a number of hobbies including yoga, dancing, bouldering, long boarding, and calisthenics.

Jennifer Compton, Project Engineering Lead

After interning twice during the summer with GeoVisual Analytics, Jennifer joined the team full-time in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Jenny drafts, builds, and refines field hardware and helps manage field equipment. She designed and implemented the GVA drone Maintenance Program as well as acts as a backup UAV pilot. She also manages the collection of ground truth data used to support and validate GeoVisual’s models. In her free time Jenny enjoys playing the piano, watching movies, and sketching.

Elias Lindgren, Data Science Intern

Elias is a Mathematics and Computer Science double major at Williams College, currently taking a yearlong leave of absence due to Covid-19. At GeoVisual, Elias works with the model development team to support efforts in machine learning, computer vision, and data analysis. In his free time, he is usually going for a run.

Michael Chebatoris, Director of Finance

Michael has led a distinguished 18-year career gaining insights to understanding the strategic direction and operational needs of the business and how he can leverage his finance and accounting knowledge to optimize results. Michael prides himself on playing with numbers in Excel! Michael is currently President at Flagship Consulting Services.

Michael worked in the oil and gas industry for a six-years in the Denver and Houston area. During this time he served many roles working with operations managers, field engineers and administrative staff. Michael really enjoyed working with the engineers to better understand the technology behind the extraction of hydrocarbons from the earth. This gave Michael a better appreciation for the work the field does and allowed him to tell “the story behind the numbers” to upper management in the monthly results calls.

After leaving oil and gas industry, Michael pivoted to the telecommunications industry, working for the Vodafone US holding company based in Denver. At Vodafone, Michael specialized in excel modeling, process development and special projects, including a month-long assignment in Rotterdam, Holland. Michael designed and created cash a flow model which planed for different scenarios based on set criteria. This model was nimble, creating multiple scenarios in minutes.

Prior to joining oil and gas industry, Michael worked in public accounting in the Denver area while obtaining his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

Michael is an avid in-bounds and back-country skier, ultimate frisbee player, backpacker, whitewater stand-up paddle boarder, and marathon runner; truly work hard – play hard!