Computer Vision Scientist

GeoVisual is on the leading edge of enhancing the art of farming with the science of artificial intelligence, applying analytics to imagery and data from sensors in the sky and on the ground. If you’re passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems, come work with us.

Current Job Openings:

Computer Vision Scientist

We’re looking for an experienced scientist or engineer with a background in computer vision and machine learning and hands-on experience in developing and deploying scalable software.

You’ll be developing state-of-the-art analytics for imagery from drones and aircraft and on-the-ground mobile sensors, joining a fast-moving team with a depth and breadth of skills and experience in software development, Big Data analytics, mobile applications, agronomy and large-scale, industrial agriculture.


  • M.S. or Ph.D. (preferred) in computer vision, electrical engineering or a related field
  • Strong foundation in computer vision, machine learning, classifiers, predictive modeling, statistics and applied mathematics
  • Basic Linux skills
  • 5+ years professional coding experience with languages like C#, Python, and Java
  • Experience with relevant toolkits such as OpenCV and scikit-learn
  • A demonstrated commitment to staying on top of the latest computer vision and AI research

Helpful If You Also Have [one or more of the following]:

  • Full-stack development experience: servers, web, cloud and mobile apps
  • Experience deploying software and building software deployment systems
  • Strong knowledge of cameras and photography
  • Experience with geospatial tools: PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS; GDAL/OGR
  • GPU programming experience in CUDA
  • Experience in distributed, cluster and GPU computing environments


Subject: GeoVisual Computer Vision Scientist

Please send us your resume and a concise cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit.

About You

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, are able to work independently but are energized by a small and rapidly growing startup environment.

You are really good at your focused skill set but can blend into a team and wear several hats as needed. As a team player, you have strong interpersonal skills and an innate desire to help your coworkers succeed.

Like us, you get impassioned by the idea of using science, engineering and problem-solving skills and experience to help the world grow healthy food and protect its natural resources in the face of a rapidly growing population.

About Us

GeoVisual got started with funding from NASA, initially developing technology for global forest monitoring. Now we’re applying our innovations to agriculture. We brought home awards from the 2015 Western Growers Association AgTech Startup contest, the 2016 THRIVE AgTech Accelerator, and the 2019 Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Tech Pitch. With a branch office in Salinas, CA, the “Salad Bowl” of the country, we’re working closely with the largest and most innovative fresh produce companies in the world.

We have serious technical chops, with experience from Microsoft, NASA and Lockheed Martin, but we’re also serious about growing a thriving business and our team has a proven track record to make that happen. For being so serious, we also laugh a lot and have a great time at work.

Why Work at GeoVisual?

We offer a chance to be part of some very exciting, rapidly evolving technology and industry developments, from an early but stable stage, within a relaxed but driven work environment and with a fantastic, experienced group of people.

Located between Boulder and Denver, we’re near great food, live music and the awesome Colorado outdoors. We offer competitive benefits, including stock options for a company that is poised to become a leader in the AgTech field.