Our Customers

Taylor Farms currently ranks as the world’s largest producer of fresh-cut vegetables. With products that range from bagged salads to freshly prepared meals, Taylor Farms supplies many of the largest supermarket chains and foodservice restaurants in the United States. Taylor Farms headquarters are located in Salinas, California, and it has regional processing plants in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

One of the world’s largest conservation agencies, Conservation International is using GeoVisual’s OnSight mobile app and web services platform in multiple countries worldwide as part of their Firecast forestry monitoring program and as a patrolling tool to prevent deforestation in protected areas. With Firecast, forest fires are automatically identified in satellite infrared imagery, and notifications of fire locations are sent to in-country agencies. Agency personnel use Firecast OnSight to capture photos and collect other observational data, and the data are available to stakeholders through Firecast OnSight’s web-based dashboard for visualization and analysis.

NASA funded GeoVisual to develop and commercialize new technologies for improved monitoring of agriculture and forests with satellite imagery and for collecting ground-based measurements in support of the validation of satellite imagery observations.  Through these efforts, GeoVisual developed new machine learning and image processing algorithms to improve the identification and tracking of critical changes in cropland, forests and pastures. With NASA support, GeoVisual also developed its OnSight platform, which includes a smart phone app, cloud-based services, and a web-based management, visualization and analysis dashboard.

Microsoft contracted GeoVisual to develop a high performance computing simulation and visualization environment using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. GeoVisual helped Microsoft demonstrate the use of Azure for simulating and visualizing earthquakes in high detail and for generating near-real-time weather forecasts using weather modeling codes and weather data feeds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.