About GeoVisual Analytics

Using routine monitoring of fields with airplanes, drones and mobile phones, we’re applying our NASA-funded AI algorithms to analyze crop maturity, health, and predicted yields, helping farmers to dramatically reduce production uncertainties and increase profits.


Leadership Team

Jeffrey Orrey, President and CEO

As a business executive and technical leader with a track record of executing on innovative technology projects, Jeff is driving GeoVisual’s rollout of crop forecasting technology for the fresh produce industry. Before founding GeoVisual, Jeff was a Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, directing the Bing Maps Server team to develop a private-cloud version of Bing Maps that today is the mapping platform for New York City’s counter-terrorism, predictive analytics system. As the technical director at another startup, Jeff led development of data analysis and imaging technologies that were sold to a Chevron-backed company that is now a leader in real-time hydraulic fracture monitoring worldwide. Jeff holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has served as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Bernie Johnston, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer

Bernie is leading GeoVisual’s advances in computer vision and machine learning for agriculture, with a depth and breadth of knowledge of both cutting edge and foundational technologies and a keen ability to derive business value from technological advances. Bernie comes to GeoVisual from Pearson, the world’s largest education company, where he was Director of their Data Science, Data Analytics and Adaptive Learning Program. Bernie has held a number of technical architect and leadership positions, including Tech Lead at Microsoft’s Bing Search. Bernie holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and has 3 patents, including one for machine learning.

Carl Kalin, Chief Marketing Officer

Carl brings years of expertise in early stage company development and sales strategy to GeoVisual. Prior to joining GeoVisual, Carl was employee #1 at Terralux, an LED lighting company; as VP of Marketing and Sales he took the company from zero to $5M in sales and helped it raise $20M. As the Founder of the Jedi Group, Carl provided startup companies marketing, sales and strategic planning expertise and supported their raising over $10M in venture capital. Carl’s background includes a number of engineering, technical sales and management positions at first-tier technology companies and organizations, including NASA, RAND, Tektronix and Digital Equipment. He holds a B.S. in EE from MIT.