Intelligence Across the Farm

Better Harvests for Increased Profits

Optimized Labor and Input Costs

Crop Health Monitoring and Analytics

Produce. Just In Time. 

GVA is harnessing data to provide actionable intelligence to fruit and vegetable growers. Combining multiple data streams from satellites, aircraft, UAVs, precision field equipment, field sensors, and hand held equipment to monitor fields, GeoVisual is developing and applying algorithms and front-end displays that help farmers dramatically reduce production uncertainties and increase profits.  GeoVisual also sustainably and systematically reduces food waste and the associated carbon footprint of unnecessary inputs in the field.

Artificial Intelligence for Better Harvests.

Using advances in computer vision, machine learning, and emerging remote sensing capabilities, GeoVisual is leading a breakthrough in farm automation by enhancing the art of farming with the science of artificial intelligence.

Focused on the Crops You Farm.

Geovisual knows that specialty crops are different, and we built analytics and operations to match that. By working with fruit and vegetable growers on multiple continents, we have tailored a solution for the high-value crops you grow, not a general solution based on commodity crops.

Farm with Facts

Using our advanced analytics, evaluate pest, disease, irrigation, and harvest issues before they happen. Coordinate crop supply across multiple fields and optimize the supply chain. Compare new inputs, equipment, and techniques with facts you trust.